Hotel Gran Bilbao

Health and hygiene protocols

Hotel Gran Bilbao

Protocols in our facilities

  • All facilities are disinfected daily
  • You will find certified hand sanitiser dispensers throughout our establishments; their use is compulsory
  • Protective screens in customer service areas
  • The lifts can only be used by 2 people at a time, at most
  • Disinfectant carpets at the hotel’s entrance
  • Some service and facilities may remain closed for health safety reasons
  • Safety distance will be marked
  • Disinfectant and cleaning products used in our hotel will be those approved by the Ministry of Health
  • Our staff will disinfect their hands frequently
  • Room keys will be disinfected before handing them over
  • Rugs have been removed from all rooms
  • Towels and bed linen are washed at high temperature
  • TV remote control and telephone are sterilised daily in all rooms
  • Remote controls are wrapped in plastic that will be changed regularly
  • Open or foot-operated waste bins lined with a bag
  • Vent filters are cleaned regularly
Hotel Gran Bilbao

Protocols for guests

  • Wearing masks is compulsory
  • They will find hand sanitiser in the common areas
  • Insofar as possible, payments should be done by credit card
  • POS systems will be disinfected regularly
  • Mobile phone door entry system
Hotel Gran Bilbao

Protocols for our employees

  • All members of staff know the new health and safety measures
  • Our staff will wear masks at all times
  • Staff uniforms are washed and disinfected daily
  • Daily control of the state of health of all employees
Hotel Gran Bilbao

Catering protocols

  • The hotel will offer take-away meals
  • The number of people will be controlled to avoid overcrowding
  • QR-Code digital menus
  • Tables will be separated to comply with safety distance
  • We will use tablecloths and napkins washed at high temperature for each client
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