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Hotel Gran Bilbao

Business meetings and events in Bilbao


At Hotel Gran Bilbao we have 10 function rooms and more than 1,800 m2 in which to organise any type of event.

The technology and audio-visual equipment of our function rooms cater to all current market needs, and you can also use our free Wi-Fi and three underground car park floors for your business meetings and events.

But wait! There’s more. To have you covered and make sure you enjoy a comprehensive service during your event in Bilbao, we provide simultaneous translation cabins and exclusive video-conference equipment just for you, as well as the flexibility necessary to guarantee your meeting goes smoothly.

Will you need a screen, projector and office supplies? At HGB we also take care of these things, so you don’t have to worry about all the hassle and instead invest your time in making sure your event is just right.

Gran Bilbao Auditorium

  • Surface area
  • Height
  • Banquet
  • School
  • Imperial
  • Cocktail
  • Theatre 287
  • U-shaped

Impressive. Experience something unique in our Gran Bilbao Auditorium. Enjoy its 287 seats and 9-metre stage!

The Auditorium has a state-of-the-art projector and an enormous 6×3 metre projector with incredibly high-quality image resolution.

The presidency includes a table for 6 with 3 screens and 6 stationary microphones, as well as 2 wireless ones.

To round off your experience, we can also provide video-conference equipment and simultaneous translations, so your attendees won’t want to leave the room.


  • Surface area 314
  • Height 2.80
  • Banquet 170
  • School 174
  • Imperial 80
  • Cocktail 320
  • Theatre 250
  • U-shaped 60

Grandeur incarnate. The Begoña Hall is one of our largest function rooms. It has a maximum capacity of 320 people. The perfect space for family events, parties and weddings in Bilbao. And it is also ideal for hosting product presentations or workshops, as it is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology. If you need more space, you can combine it with the auditorium for coffee breaks, cocktail parties or extra exhibition space, as they are side by side.

Bilbo Handia

  • Surface area 390
  • Height 2.48
  • Banquet 240
  • School 200
  • Imperial
  • Cocktail 300
  • Theatre 250
  • U-shaped

Perfection exists. This function room in Hotel Gran Bilbao has a maximum capacity of 300 people for cocktail parties and 240 for banquets. Thanks to its large picture windows, this function room for events boasts the magic of natural light, making it the perfect room for meals and celebrations. If you are looking for something more intimate, this function room for events in Bilbao can be divided into smaller units for more exclusive celebrations.


  • Surface area 90
  • Height 2.38
  • Banquet 30
  • School 70
  • Imperial 40
  • Cocktail 60
  • Theatre 90
  • U-shaped 45

Naturalness. The Leioa Hall has a maximum capacity of 100 people. What makes it special is that it is bathed in natural light, making it very pleasant to be in. It is perfect for small talks and meetings in Bilbao. Includes technological and audio-visual equipment.


  • Surface area 140
  • Height 2.61
  • Banquet 60
  • School 27
  • Imperial 65
  • Cocktail 80
  • Theatre 60
  • U-shaped 21

Business in Bilbao. With room for up to 60 people, the Muskiz Hall is the perfect function room for business meetings in Bilbao. It has state-of-the-art technology to guarantee your experience in our hotel in Bilbao is truly sublime.


  • Surface area 55
  • Height 2.46
  • Banquet
  • School 18
  • Imperial 16
  • Cocktail
  • Theatre 30
  • U-shaped 12

Minimalism and customisation. The Atxuri Hall is a 55-m2 multi-purpose hall with a capacity of up to 30 people. It is the perfect room for reduced business meetings, workshops, small conferences and training sessions. The audio-visual equipment can also be used in this room.


  • Surface area 293
  • Height 3.20
  • Banquet 130
  • School 118
  • Imperial 80
  • Cocktail 270
  • Theatre 230
  • U-shaped 60

Where congresses perform wonders. The Gorbea Hall is a 293 m2 large room where you can celebrate conferences, conventions, banquets, product presentations and both business and personal events. One particularity about this function room in Bilbao is that vehicles can be driven in for product presentations or exhibitions.

But wait! There’s more. This hall can be combined with Artxanda to create a 630 m2 space in Hotel Gran Bilbao in which to celebrate any kind of event you want to turn into a memorable experience for your guests.


  • Surface area 340
  • Height 3.20
  • Banquet 160
  • School 186
  • Imperial 90
  • Cocktail 320
  • Theatre 300
  • U-shaped 80

All-out celebrations. Our Artxanda Hall has 340 m2 of open space. A perfect room in which to organise large-scale events and celebrations.

Along with Gorbea, we offer the possibility of enjoying more than 630 m2 of adaptable space with direct access to the car park. All this makes this function room the perfect space for any kind of event, from vehicle presentations to business meetings and weddings that are guaranteed to become unparalleled experiences.

Gran Bilbao

  • Surface area 38,40
  • Height 2.48
  • Banquet
  • School 18
  • Imperial 12
  • Cocktail
  • Theatre 30
  • U-shaped 18

The epitome of pragmatism. A functional and practical room bathed in natural light that is perfectly comfortable for small business meetings and professional and personal training sessions.

An intimate and welcoming space for small groups, equipped with every necessary comfort and service for these types of events and celebrations.