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Hotel Gran Bilbao

HGB Lifestyle


We are your hotel in Bilbao, but also a place designed to awaken and stir emotions in you. A place where we want you to discover all the experiences you can live with us. We share a passion for discovering and sharing healthy habits and artistic decorations on social media. Let’s experience it together!

Meet the team of Hotel Gran Bilbao

Sports and healthy

Healthy living is one of the pillars of our HGB Lifestyle. A few years ago, we understood this isn’t a passing trend but a way of life. A healthier lifestyle to improve the lives of the guests of Hotel Gran Bilbao – as well as our own.

We would love you to join the fun during your stay in Bilbao. You will have a gym and self-guided running and cycling tours (we are Bike Friendly) at your disposal.

Enjoy our healthy corner at breakfast and the healthy recipes designed exclusively by the nutritionist of the Athletic Club.

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Social You. We Social

At Hotel Gran Bilbao we don’t only work. We love to dance, to laugh, to get excited, to jump, to record and to enjoy the small moments that when shared make life truly great. Visit us, enjoy yourself, take selfies, record yourself and share.

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Fashion Mood

Daring is embedded in our professional and personal DNA. We like to be daring, different and innovative. It is an intrinsic part of the HGB Lifestyle the Hotel Gran Bilbao family lives by. Our uniform and accessories are designed to connect with our guests and make them feel at home.

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A hotel in Bilbao dressed up in art

Charming is easy enough but earning someone’s trust and loyalty is more of a challenge. The walls of our rooms and reception at Hotel Gran Bilbao are alive with words and tell stories that charm, persuade and entice. We want you to discover them so, once they have stimulated your curiosity and creativity, you can share them with the world.

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Hotel Gran Bilbao is like a little big family and, as such, it is filled with life. To make sure you don’t miss the stories and experiences born within HGB, we have created the perfect space for you to keep up to date. So, have you heard our latest news?

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Cooking Channel

Why should the key to great cooking be kept a secret? The cooks of Hotel Gran Bilbao have decided to share our very own recipes with you, so you can surprise your guests, partner, family or friends with a touch of the charisma that characterises the restaurant of your trusted hotel in Bilbao.

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Solidarity Partner

Every year Hotel Gran Bilbao chooses a charity partner, either an association or a local NGO, as part of our corporate social responsibility, with whom we carry out an awareness-raising campaign to raise funds for the cause they are supporting.

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At Hotel Gran Bilbao we are concerned about the impact that hotels have on the environment. We are committed to improving this situation to the best of our ability and we want you to be a part of this. This is not to boast, but because respect and social, human and sustainable commitment are part of our DNA. It’s our way of leaving our mark, and if you’re like that too, then you’re one of us.

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