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Passion • Hope • Motivation • Responsibility • Communication • Perseverance

Each of us is different and lives in a different way but together we have created a common objective: your smile when you remember us.

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“Attitude, passion and perseverance in my day to day. Health, family and work, my values”.

Jorge, management

“Life is more beautiful, joyful and undoubtedly better when it’s looked upon from a smile”

Sandra, reception desk

“90% of success is based simply on insistence”

Carla, events

“You are what you dream, so dream big”

Esther, reception desk

“Dreaming the impossible dream”

David G., reception desk

“Too much light is like too much shadow, it doesn’t let you see”

Dave, reception desk

“Smile and make every day unique. It’s on me”

Tati, reception desk

“While you have the sun inside you, it doesn’t matter if it rains outside”

Rocío, reception desk

“Your satisfaction is my smile”

Charo, cleaning service

“Our work team is the key to a satisfied client”

Pilar Conde, cleaning service

“Don’t make others do what you wouldn’t like them to make you do”

Maite, cleaning team

“Unicorn, strawberry, print, fluorescent, tulip, breeze… Words that make me smile”

Bea, guest experience

“Love for life, family dedication and responsibility at work”

Mike, restaurant

“If even breakfast woke up happy, something good will happen to you today”

Santi, restaurant

“A strong person, even with tears in their eyes, finds a way to say “I’m okay” with a smile”

Carmen, restaurant

“Change your attitude towards a problem and the problem will change”

Leticia, restaurant

“Let’s rock and roll”

José, kitchen

“A client’s smile is our greatest satisfaction”

Gaizka, kitchen

“Happiness is the key to success”

Julián, kitchen

“Cook your peace of mind”

Pedro, kitchen

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