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Hotel Gran Bilbao

We want to warm your heart and not the planet.

At Hotel Gran Bilbao we are concerned about the impact that hotels have on the environment. We are committed to improving this situation to the best of our ability and we want you to be a part of this. This is not to boast, but because respect and social, human and sustainable commitment are part of our DNA. It’s our way of leaving our mark, and if you’re like that too, then you’re one of us.

In 2019 we decided to take matters into our own hands. We thought critically about our actions and realised that change has to start with oneself. So we got down to work and created our own sustainability plan, which aims to make our impact on the planet as small as possible.



From saved plastic

These are the measures we put in place and carried out:

Refill the future. Sustainable water machines

During your visit to the hotel, you will find free and sustainable water throughout your stay. We have 10 sustainable water machines throughout the hotel that filter the mains water to remove all residues and microplastics. This way, we avoid packaging, restocking and transport.

Hotel Gran Bilbao

The positive impact of Hotel Gran Bilbao

Bottles saved

Hotel Gran Bilbao

94,030 units

Plastic saved

Hotel Gran Bilbao

1,410 kg

CO2 emissions saved

Hotel Gran Bilbao

7,729 kg

Water saved

Hotel Gran Bilbao

282,090 l

Customers can refill their water bottles whenever they want. And if you are looking for a quality bottle, at reception you can ask for a ceramic-coated aluminium bottle, which keeps your drinks cool for 24 hours and hot for 7 hours. A perfect souvenir that’s also sustainable.

In the restaurant and cafeteria, water is served in reusable glass bottles. The water is filtered in the hotel, free of impurities and microparticles. This helps us reduce our environmental impact and generate our own local mineral water.

Hotel Gran Bilbao

Electric vehicle charging station

We want to make it as easy as possible for people who choose electric cars. This year we have added 10 parking places for electric cars.

Coffee – with 100% recyclable capsules

We want you to be involved in our eco plan from the moment you wake up. That’s why we serve sustainable coffees by L’OR. Both in the cafeteria and in each room, guests can enjoy a cup of quality coffee and contribute to protecting the environment.

Circular economy

We are the first hotel in the Basque Country to give used quilts a second life as aprons.

At HGB we are fashionable responsibly. Together with Deleite Wear, a pioneer company in promoting the circular economy and helping hotels reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact, we have given a second life to already used quilts in the form of aprons.

  • With these aprons, it is estimated that we have saved 44,000 L of water, in other words, the water that a person drinks during their lifetime.

  • In addition, all products are made in local social integration workshops in Spain, and the Deleite technique of textile upcycling saves the planet’s natural resources as much as possible and avoids pollution due to textile waste.