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An ideal hotel to have a rest before setting off by ferry

By | 8 October, 2021 | 0 comments

You have enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Spain and now it’s time to go home. To do so, you have to catch the ferry in Bilbao that will take you to Portsmouth or to Rosslare. And, as you probably already know, to get on a ferry with your vehicle you need to be in the boarding area 90 minutes before the departure of the ship.

You really don’t want to risk it, or go through a hard time, so there is only one way to avoid problems, nerves and the stress of not knowing whether you will arrive on time, and that is to sleep at a hotel near the Port of Bilbao, more specifically at the Hotel Gran Bilbao.Imagen del Ferry que va desde Gran Bretaña hasta Bilbao
Here, in addition to a special place to rest, you will find advantages that will allow you to say goodbye to Spain in style. Pay attention because this is for you:

A perfect location: The Hotel Gran Bilbao has direct access to the A8 motorway that will take you directly to the Port of Bilbao in 25 minutes.

An underground garage with a private parking space just for you: Your vehicle will spend the night covered and safe, so you can leave your luggage in it without worrying about anything. We have more than 150 parking spaces for motorcycles, cars, and small vans.

A breakfast of champions: Before leaving, you’ll be able to enjoy a hearty breakfast to help you face the hours of travel ahead. And if you like, you can take a box of our special donuts to sweeten up your return trip.

A walk around the city: If you are one of those lucky people whose ferry doesn’t leave until 3:30 p.m. or later in the evening, you can enjoy the capital city and its surroundings. We are located within a mere 10-minute walk from the historic centre and the most visited parts of Bilbao, an ideal walk to enjoy a day of pintxos, art and culture or for shopping.

Travelling by Ferry from England and Ireland to Spain

Traveling by ferry from Great Britain to Spain allows you to tour the Iberian Peninsula and get to know different places in your own vehicle. For this reason, the best option is to board one of the regular lines that connect the Biscayan capital with Portsmouth (United Kingdom) and Rosslare (Ireland), and travel along the motorway of the Cantabrian Sea or travel to different parts of Spain.

From Portsmouth, you can travel three times a week and on two different ships: the “Cap Finistère” and the “Baie de Seine”, both belonging to the company “Brittany Ferries”. Depending on the day, the journey can take 24 or 32 hours. You can also make the journey Portsmouth-Roscoff-Bilbao with a stop in the French town.

The ship ‘Kerry’ that connects the Port of Bilbao with the port of Rosslare, located on the southeast coast of Ireland, departs from Bilbao on Thursdays and Sundays. Both ships moor at the Zierbena dock (pier A3).


A Hotel near the Port of Bilbao

Once you’ve arrived at the port of the Biscayan capital, your trip begins taking you through different parts of Spain. But guess what the best part is? You can spend the last night before returning home in one of the most emblematic cities in the country, Bilbao.

A city that reflects everything characteristic about the Basque Country, where you will find the best gastronomy, an endless number of places to taste the best pintxos, a historic centre full of history and culture. You can also visit the Guggenheim or the Hanging Bridge, which is a World Industrial Heritage Site, as well as crossing long avenues lined with shops, boutiques and much more. And all, while your car or motorbike is parked in the Hotel Gran Bilbao’s private car park.

Tips for traveling by Ferry

Don’t let anything spoil the pleasure of traveling by ferry and the beauty of the Cantabrian Sea. So, before you leave the hotel, remember these tips:

Everything on board: Check that you have all the necessary documents such as tickets, passports or identity cards with you.

Don’t forget to bring along some food: The journey is long, and it is always better to take something to eat, for example, fruit, nuts, water or a sugary soft drink. This will help prevent sea sickness.

Remember that the first to board will be the last to get off the Ferry: This is important if you are going to be in a hurry when you reach the destination.

Take the essentials with you: Medication, some warm clothing, and if you’re traveling with children, nappies, baby bottles, etc.

Place yourself in the middle of the boat, the most stable area, if you get seasick easily, or on the bow which will allow you to look at the course and direction of the boat to relax. Avoid the stern whenever possible.

And if you have already become seasick, lie on your side, parallel to the draught of the boat with your head towards the bow, and close your eyes.

Take binoculars with you: During the journey, you’ll be able to see a family of whales or contemplate the spectacular sight of dolphins playing with the boat. So, don’t forget your binoculars!

So now you know, sleeping at the Hotel Gran Bilbao is the grand finale of a dream holiday.

Don’t wait any longer to book your room and enjoy your holiday until the very last minute.

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